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Главная » 2012 » Январь » 15 » Say it Right. Say it Right + (Видеоуроки английского языка вместе с English Club TV)
Say it Right. Say it Right + (Видеоуроки английского языка вместе с English Club TV)

English Club TV - это коллекция познавательных и обучающих видеопрограмм для тех, кто хочет свободно общаться на английском языке! Видеоуроки Say it Right : Позаботьтесь о правильной лексике и фразеологии. Видеоуроки Say it Right +: Служба спасения от ошибок в английском языке У Вас проблемы с английской грамматикой? Возникли вопросы по стилистике английского языка? Тогда Вам нужна экстренная медицинская помощь. Вам поможет наша медицинская сестра. Она поставит Вас на ноги.

Год выпуска: 2008-2010 г.
Автор: Канал English Club TV
Категория: Документальный, образовательный
Разработчик: English Club TV
Язык курса: Английски й
Субтитры: Русские (вшитые)
Размер серий: 90-120 Mb
Длительность серии: 10 минут

[spoiler=Список серий программа "Say it Right"]
1. Звуки [p] и [ b] Слова французского происхождения: caffe; a la carte; table d'hote; lingerie department; faux pas gaffe. Идиома: You cann't teach an old dog new tricks.
2. Звуки [ u] и [u: ] История происхождения слова hot dog. Поговорка: A stitch in time saves nine.
3. Звуки [ч ] и [дж]. Происхождение слова ОК. Выражение: to kill two birds with one
4. Звуки [ s ] и [z]. История связанная с именем John. Идиома: Put your John Hancock on the document.
5. Звуки [ш] и [ж]. Словосочетания: little white lie, White-handed. Идиома: measure twice and cut once.
6. Звук [l]. Слова-омофоны: mail-male, sail-sale, bail-bale. Идиомы и устойчивые выражения: Do you get it?
7. Звук [j]. Комбинации со словом "banana": to be bananas, to go bananas. Выражения: big cheese, big enchilada. Понятие: lingua franca.
8. Звуки [ i ] и [ I: ]. Загадка с буквой Е.
9. Звуки [m], [n] и [н-"носовой" звук]. Омофоны: meat-meet, knight-night, morning-mourning. Идиома: the square meal.
10. Звуки [v] и [f]. Омофоны: vial-vile, flour-flower. Шутка с омофонами. Английская идиома: The cat has your tongue.
11. Звук [r]. Омофоны: real – reel, right – write, red – read. Идиома: It’s raining cats and dogs.
12. Звуки [а: ] и [а]. Английские поговорки: Well begun is half done. So many countries, so many customs. What's done cannot be undone. Идиома: to live hand to mouth.
13. Звук [h]. Выражения неформального разговорного английского: gonna = going to, gotta= have got to. Идиома: to read between the lines.
14. Звук [w]. Фразовый глагол: to turn down. Английские фразы: to have the time of one's life; to give one's word.
16. Звуки [k] и [g]. Омофоны: brake-break, weak-week. Идиома: to knock on wood.
17. Звук [з: ]. Омофоны: flour-flower, read-red. Выражения: to have a memory like an elephant; to eat like a horse.
18. Звуки [о: ] и [о]. Омофоны: sew-sow. Идиомы: to keep in touch; to keep one's head.[/spoiler]

[spoiler=Список серий программа "Say it Right +"]
1. Trainee-trainer; Homework-housework; In the red; Out of the blue; Tickled pink; Slow food movement
2. Horrible-horrible; Terrible-terrific; Like two peas in a pod; Two's company, three's a crowd; One in a million; To put two and two together; ASAP
3. Between-among; Bad-badly; A laugh a minute; Like clockwork; In the nick of time; Ivy league
4. Complement - compliment; Device - devise; To take smb under one's wing; Goose bumps; To chicken out; Mouse potato.
5. Take care-take care of; Put up-put up with; Bookworm; Teacher's pet; As easy as ABC; Freak
6. Then-than; Along-alone; To go on a blind date; To find Mr Right; Snail mail
7. To hear-to listen; To wait-to await; To give smb. a leg-up; To be on one's last leg; To pull somebody's leg; To shed crocodile tears
8. Human-humane; Hospitable-hostile; Law-abiding citizen; To have a brush with the law; To lay down the law; Melting pot
9. Imagination-fantasy; Figure-comlexion; To pick someone's brain; Brainstorming; Brain teaser; Wired to be wired
10. Perspective - prospective; Morning - mourning; To play with a full deck; Poker face; To play your cards right; Limeys.
11. Wish-hope; Home-house; To have ants in one's pants; To keep one's shirt on; To be in smb's shoes; Money Laundering
12. Personal - personnel; Sensible - sensitive; Body and soul; In the flesh; Not to have a mean bone in one's body; Peeps.
13. Accident-incident; Affect-effect; On one's mind; To lose one's mind; Frame of mind; Wannabe
14. Lonely-alone; To learn-to study; To be like a kid in a candy store; child's play; To sleep like a baby; Cheeseheads
15. Fruit-fruits; desert-dessert; to play ball; To call the shots; Ballpark figure; Awesome
16. It's -its; Holy cow! (as) nervous as a cat; To run around like a chiken with its head cut off; Uncle Sam.
17. Economical-economic; Conditioning-conditioner; To work for peanuts; To cost a pretty penny; To hit the jackpot; Spam
18. Mouse-mice; Person (s) -people (s) ; By heart; To have one's heart set on; To have a change of heart; At heart; To think outside the box
19. To critique – to criticize; To attain – to obtain; To paint the town red; To send in the clowns; Motley crew.
20. Phenomenon-phenomena; Datum-data; Party animal; The life and soul of the party; To cut a rag; Big cheese.
27. Change-switch; To turn the other cheek; The apple of one's eye; By the skin of your teeth; John Doe
31. Stationary-stationery; Accept-Except; A bitter pill; To have a sweet tooth; To be on everyone's lips; Yankee
36. Journey-trip-expedition-voyage; The early bird catches the worm; A chicken and the egg situation; Bogof
43. Access-excess; Discreet-discrete; To be in the market for smth; To mean business; To have one's work cut out (for one) ; Sacred cow
46. How do you do?-How are you?; Couch potato; To be a piece of cake; To eat crow; Groundhog Day
48. Fee-fare; Satisfactory-satisfying; To have one's head in the clouds; On cloud nine; Every cloud has a silver lining; Throwaway society[/spoiler]

О файле
Качество видео: PDTVRip
Формат видео: AVI
Видео: ~1000 kb/s, 720x416
Аудио: MP3, 128 kb/s
Размер: 3.94 Gb

Скачать/Download: Say it Right. Say it Right + (Видеоуроки английского языка вместе с English Club TV)

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